Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Public Display of Affection, not the technological device. In class yesterday, two students were getting quite friendly with one another. They were holding hands under the table, and the girl was rubbing the guy's face with her hand, all while I am up there talking. I shot them a look, but I don't think they stopped, we started watching Star Wars so I was too involved with that to keep my eye on them any longer. One of my professors warned me that this goes on quite a lot, but being naive, I thought it wouldn't in my class.

If it keeps up, I may be forced to making an example of them by showing the clip from the Muppets Family Christmas. All the Muppets have arrived at Fozzy Bear's mom's house and the turkey invited by the Swedish chef, shows up and tries to steal Gonzo's girlfriend, Camilla the chicken. In this particular scene, he says "Why don't we go out to the barn for some friendly scrathin and sqaukin?" and then telling folks in class to apply that to their lives.

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The Sanderson Family said...

You could also show "Goonies". When Chunk utters the immortal words, "Shame, Shame, we know your name."