Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Questions, questions, questions

So Connor is in the ask-questions-to-annoy-your-parents phase of life. He drives us crazy with all his questions. He usually gets going at dinner time, but these questions can pop up any time of the day. "Why is dinner hot?" "Why doesn't Walker have school?" "Who's winning? Why is the yellow team winning?" "Why do we have to eat breakfast?" "Why do we have to take showers?" "How old are you?"

This past Sunday we were getting ready to go to church and gathering for prayer and I mentioned it was Fast Sunday and that Dad would say the prayer and Connor says "Does he have to say it fast?" Then at church, after the Sacrament prayer, Connor leans over and whispers, "Why did he say the prayer fast? Because it's Fast Sunday and not Slow Sunday?"

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