Monday, April 18, 2011


OK so Tara, since you are probably the only one who looks at my blog, this is for you. Sorry, I just don't get on the computer very often.

Last November, our family took a little trip to San Francisco. It was a lot of fun! We went down to the Pier 39 and others, ate a Bubba Gumps, toured Alcatraz, went to a Bears and Ducks football game, went to the aquarium, science museum, and Ghiradelli Square. We rode trolleys and thought we'd lose our lives riding one time in a taxi. What an experience! Jimmy was presenting one of his papers at a Communications convention. He did a great job! Too bad I don't have any pictures to show ya. Connor erased them ALL once we got home (total accident). So sad!

Since then, we've taken it easy....well, from the trips anyway. But now the boys keep us busy with Walker in Football and Connor in Little League. Walk practices twice a week and games on Sat. Con usually has two to three games a week. Walker and I have Scouts, so I drop Con off at his game (Jimmy meets me there) and then Walker and I head to the church. I really enjoy my new calling as the Wolves den leader! Those boys are so much fun!! Quite the change from YW. Not to say the girls weren't fun, they were. Its just different.

I'm just doing the mom thing--helping out in Con's class, trying to work on Fam. History, learning about Church History, trying to eat more healthy and exercising. I really like to run, but broke my little toe and its driving me nuts not to run! Oh and trying to fit in some crafts here and there. Just made an Easter Tree--my own design. Kinda fun and a little funky. Oh well.

Jimmy's fiishing up his last semester of course work!! He can't wait to be done. He will have one more year--just focused on dissertation. He's waiting for his book to be published--should be happening soon. He's amazing! I don't know how he can work so hard. He's still working F/T and school F/T plus teaching.

Speaking of, I think he's finally home! Gotta go! Miss ya!


Kristina and Joe said...

I read it! I always check your blog with the hope that I will know whats going on in your life. Sorry about your toe, for such a small break, broken toes can hurt a lot.

Chad and Mindy said...

I read your blog too. Thanks for the update!!

Dustin and Tara said...

Thanks for the email otherwise I wouldn't have checked your blog for a little while:)! It looks like you have others that check your blog too! I've enjoyed doing our blog and then downloading it into a book (hint, hint) has been a good thing.

Thanks for all the updates. I can't believe all your pictures got erased from your trip. I think I would have cried. Your Easter Tree is cute. I am glad Jimmy is almost done...that is a lot of work. That is fun you are in Wolf's! I oversee all cub scouting and help plan pack meeting and order all the awards. Now McKay is in Boy Scouts and it is a whole new thing to much more work and a lot of time. Sounds like your boys are busy with sports...that will keep you busy! Thanks for the updates! It is nice to see what you are doing! I'm sure I'll see more updates soon....Take Care!

*Lindsey* said...

I read too! I was so excited when I saw you updated!

T.J. said...

And I'll be expecting a Su-WEET Easter post. =)

Amie said...

Look at all the people you thought didnt read your blog!!!!
miss you Kirsten!