Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Reminisce

I can't believe Summer Vacation is over and school is now in session! I wish I had pictures of everything we did this summer. We got to play with friends we don't see very often. We went to the Tempe Aquarium, the Cerreta Chocolate Factory, and a cool Pet Store with Brea and her family. We also took a couple trips to Snowflake to visit family and celebrate the 24th of July Pioneer Days. We saw a couple movies in the theater as a family--Cars 2 and Mr. Popper's Penguins. The boys did some swimming with friends and family. We had friends over to play a lot--the boys made lots of forts. It was fun--low key and low stress :)

The Aquarium

Cerreta Chocolate Factory

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Sarah Smiles said...

It went by fast, but toward the end we were counting down the days! My kids were fighting a lot more and they were so excited to start school again! Now life is moving at a very high speed! I hope it calms down some in awhile! After canning and soccer and I figure out my new calling.