Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 Things I Would NEVER Say

OK here it goes:

1. Ricks College wasn't worth it.

2. Black and white movies are boring.

3. I love scary movies.

4. Law and Order is my all-time favorite tv show.

5. I hate camping.

6. I wish I never got married.

7. I want a dog!!!


Brea said...

It was fun seeing you today! I don't blame you for not wanting a dog especially after these last couple of weeks...bless you!! Hang in there!

Stephen and T.J. said...

Oh, now Kirsten, a big, fluffy, white, slobbery dog is EXACTLY what you need to make you life complete!! That, and a house of your very own. :)

Tiffany said...

If you have a GOOD dog it makes all the difference!! One day you'll get a GOOD dog and you will find yourself in a happy place-we love our doggie!!

Kelli and Patrick said...

Yah Kirsten Im so happy you did your tag! Your answers are so cute! Are you like me, just getting the hang of this blog thing... I swear I am a computer retard! I just just noticed your comment, sorry. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

hi kirsten!
Love your blog! how are things going? we miss you! Will misses Conner...he asks about him all the time! check out our blog
keep in touch!

Meghan said...

So did you move into your house yet? We miss you! I hope you like your new ward, even though the people will never be as cool as we are! :)