Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7 Things I Would Never Say

Ok, I don't know the proper tagging protocol, so I will leave that to Kirsten, but I am sitting here taking a defensive driving class online, so I need something to do to pass the time:

1. Michael Jackson is guilty

2. You should join the union

3. The local newcasters are intelligent

4. I hope modern groups keep remaking 80's songs (FYI - We were watching TV last night and JC Penny had a commerical that was a remake of the Breakfast Club, with some ridiculous heavy metal version of "Don't You Forget About Me" - Time for a boycott)

5. Education isn't important

6. Gordon Ramsey sure is mean

7. The Office isn't very funny


Brea said...

Jimmy- I am with you on #7 The office is so funny!!

Stephen and T.J. said...

I cannot believe that I didn't think of #1 myself! GO JACK-O!!
You are freakin' hilarious! Check out Stephen's answers when you get a chance. . . his #7 is priceless. :)