Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blessings-that's what they are!

So I thought that a blog might help me enjoy the little things in life more IF I would take the time to think about them and post them. So here it goes. Starting with the youngest joy of my life, little Con Con. He is three and the talkingest little thing- although he is not very little anymore. He wishes he were- he likes to pretend he's a baby (maybe that has to do with last-child syndrome). He likes to talk like a baby when praying and when he's tired and wants me to hold him (which is any time he gets in trouble. Speaking of trouble, he blames his tantrums and fussiness on being itchy. I'm not sure when it all started, but in the store he will ask if we can get some treat or bazaar food item and I'll say no no no no no and it escalates and ends with him saying "I'm just itchy!!" and kick his feet (which happens to be what itches I guess).
Backing up, Connor loves to ask questions and he will ask the same question over and over and the same question can last days (it drives me crazy sometimes)! For instance, last Sat. we went to some friends' house. This couple has two daughters who just entertained Walker and Connor the whole night-the boys loved it!! So when we get "home" Connor asks if he can call and talk to Nicole and we tell him no, but maybe we can see her again soon.
"When can I play with Nicole again-tomorrow?"
"No, not tomorrow-Maybe in a few weeks."
"Can we go and pick her up and bring her to our house?"
"When can I play with Nicole?"
"In a few weeks probably."
"Oh. In a few weeks can I play with Nicole??
(the next morning).
"Can we go to Nicole's house today?"
"No-it's Sunday-family time."
"Oh. In a couple weeks, THEN can we go over to Nicole's house?"
"You got it!" (this conversation starts up every few hours for the next two days beginning with "Can I call and talk to Nicole.").

Connor is so cute! Today we were playing transformers with Walker. We went into the closet and I suggested we come up with a plan in our secret hide-out to destroy the Decepticons. So Connor says, "I have a plan right here!" "What is it?" I ask. "STRAWBERRIES!"


Cory and Cheri said...

ahhh, I think Conner is such a sweet little guy! Carson misses him. I love the "ichy" tantrums, and as for the conversations...i had those with Brady! so frustrating! but we love them!

Stephen and T.J. said...

Strawberries?! That's brilliant!!